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Reliable Heavy Duty Moving Services in Houston, TX

Whether you have a large dining table, a heavy piano, or vas that you are always worried about while moving. Your concern makes sense, but with Luxe Trucking LLC, be rest assured that your items are in safe hands. At luxe trucking, we have specific equipment to gently handle your heavy households. Moreover, we have the best crew who can easily handle heavy weights. In our year of moving experience, we have moved large stuff, which includes heavy and expensive pianos, large family size dining tables, movable pools, hot water tubs, and many other households. We have always done every job with great care to ensure the safety of your belongings.

Fully equipped and Fit for the Job Crew Members

We know that to bring perfection to every job, it is necessary to have the essential equipment to make the work efficient and, most importantly, a sufficient workforce. At Luxe Trucking LLC, our crew is fully equipped with the required tools to facilitate the work, and all the crew is physically fit to perform any heavy-duty job assigned to them for moving. Our crew members are tenured professionals, so they know how to use the equipment, and they also take every precaution to ensure the safety of heavy households. With our awesome crew members, we are determined to always serve the quality to our customers and bring perfection to every job we are assigned with.

How do we ensure the safety of Heavy Items?

Heavy items are definitely not very easy even for the professionals and but to make the heavy moving possible without any damage to your item. We always use predefined methods and take all the precautions. Before carrying the heavy items, the first step we take is to check if the item can be disassembled. If not, then we take the measurement of the heavy item and find the best way out of the house. We carefully cover and wrap the items with protective sheets like bubble wrap for the cushion. When everything is done, our professional crew shows their best team up to carefully pick up the heavy household and move them to the truck and also from the truck to your new destination.