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Best Delivery and Assembly Services in Houston, TX

Large stuff is difficult to carry at once; that’s why your furniture is made in parts to make it possible to move from one place to another. When you are getting ready to move and packing your stuff, you realize that you can’t carry the heavy stuff. Fitting furniture into a truck is like trying to put an elephant in the fridge. We have professionals who can easily disassemble your stuff and assemble it back together when we reach your destination. So whether you want to move your old stuff to a new house or you want to get your new furniture timely delivered and assembled at your place, we can help you with our professional delivery and assembly services in Houston. TX.

We Assure You of Quick and Safe Delivery

We are much focused on our efficient in time delivery and safe delivery of your stuff. So we always carry your stuff with great care and place it gently in the truck and recheck its safety belts before moving toward your destination. Our professional truckers are much knowledgeable and know the best routes to reach any place. With our professional drivers, be rest assured that your goods are in safe hands and will reach your place within the estimated time. We provide quick delivery services, and we also stay concerned about the safety of your belongings which makes us the best choice for our customers to experience reliable services.

Reliable Assembly and Disassembly Services

We know that reliable work can be assured with expert hands and the latest tools. Luxe Trucking LLC has an experienced crew, and we are well-equipped with the latest tools to provide you the top-notch assembly and disassembly services. We are well aware of different types of furniture assemblies, and we know the proper tools to work with. Our professional crew is able to disassemble and assemble beds, tables, vanities, couches, and other household furniture. With our crew, we have done many assemblies and always served the quality in every job we have performed. Furniture assembly is tiresome and sometimes even boring too. So do what can be done easily and leave the hard tasks for the professionals.